IP Telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telephony uses your existing Local Area Network (LAN) to transmit data. This is the same system that runs your internet. It can provide up to a 70% reduction in the cost of traditional landline calls.

With IP Telephony there is no longer the restriction of needing to run telephone lines. With the rapid expansion of WiFi, calls can be made and received from anywhere in the world and at about 30% of the normal cost. Our services are feature rich and includes features like call forwarding, waiting and monitoring, voicemail to email transcription and conferencing facilities.

The recent explosion in the use of mobile devices and tablets instead of desktops, to transmit data, has increased the urgent need for intelligent and secure IP Telephony solutions – A&O can help provide a solution that fits all the needs and requirements of your business and will save you money along the way!



Very user-friendly interface


Cheaper external phone calls


Zero cost internal calls


Online reporting or via Email


No independent telephone line costs


Call forwarding, voicemail and teleconferencing

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