Hosted file server

Create Teams – Collaboration

Hosted file server is the best integrated solution for creating documents and collaborating with your team. Now you can work more efficiently than ever before. Hosted file server helps you structure your work and easily share your documents and projects with colleagues and customers. Use the intuitive control panel to show user activity, latest file updates and changes etc. You have full control over who has access to specific projects, and this can easily be adapted to changes within the team. Your team can consist of both internal and external members.

Share files – within your team, inside or outside of your business 

Hosted file server supports a variety of file types, which means you can review and share everything with colleagues and customers – from office documents to movies without the need to install multiple applications locally. Whether you work from home, at the office or on the go, you can access Hosted file server and files from any device wherever there is an internet connection. Hosted file server is also available from the Apple App and Android store. With Hosted file server, you get the assistant you’ve always dreamed about where your work is organised and backed up automatically when you work. 

Create, share and organise your projects

With Hosted File Server, your files are organised into projects where your team can easily access them and work together from any location. The project members are kept up to date on changes through automated emails or text messages. 

All activity on the projects are tracked, recorded and can be reported on. File history and previous versions of files are backed up automatically allowing you to recover deleted files and to a point in time.

Access anywhere and at any time

Access your files from any mobile device at any time. At last you do not have to send and receive large and repetitive mail attachments. Hosted file server supports over 800 mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and BlackBerry.

Hosted file server provides the very first integrated editing solution for iOS. It works smoothly with the built-in editor for your Android hand held and tablet devices.

Hosted file server stores your favourite files locally on the device so you can edit Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, even when there is no internet connection available.

Keep your team up to date with text messages and updates directly to your smartphone. You stay up to date and can receive comments and file changes in real time.

Automatic backup

Get the files you work with automatically backed up while you work. Work with the assurance that you will never lose a file again. Once you have installed and configured our small desktop application, your files will automatically be backed up to your account. Changes are automatically synchronised to all of your connected devices and groups. You do not need to purchase other software or subscribe to other services – Hosted file server is a complete end to end solution. Sleep better by knowing that all your important documents are always properly backed up.

You never need to worry about your valuable files again – recover files from accidental deletion, virus infection or corruption with ease. Hosted file server’s built-in version management (Premium and Pro accounts) allows you to quickly and easily restore files and folders to their original form and location. It’s like having a time machine at your fingertips that allows you to recover your important data from any point in time.

Hosted file server
entry level:

3 users

1TB storage (can be expanded as much as you want – there really is no limits!)

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