Hardware Acquisition, Installation and Management

Make A&O your trusted consultant for the complex subject of choosing, purchasing, installing and managing IT Hardware.

Think of us as your virtual Chief Information or Technical Officer, employed only when you need us. Having acquired vast experience through hundreds of successful installations we are well positioned to provide the best hardware and configuration for the best price

We start by assessing your existing setup with a view to improve resiliency, reliability and efficiency, reducing your storage requirement and suggesting parallel processing to avoid bottlenecks. We will appraise the scalability of your IT system and consider the suitability of Cloud as a solution before suggesting an investment in additional Hardware.

With an established track record in dealing with all of the principal IT Vendors, A&O can assist with the Hardware acquisition, installation and networking but also undertake the whole spectrum of Vendor Management. If required, A&O can provide on-site training for your in-house team, support on daily operational tasks, and deliver a suitable documentation package to regulate the maintenance of the system.

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